I work with archives, museums, non-profits, and other community organizations to provide digital storytelling services. Sometimes this means I work with an organization to identify questions that will inspire stories relevant to their mission and set up a storytelling station at a conference or meeting to collect stories for their use. I also provide digital production of stories I collect that may include the creation of digital exhibits, podcasts, and other digital products of use to the groups with whom I work and their audiences.

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 Sample Work 

Ireland’s Greater Hunger Museum (2019) 

This is an audio collection of stories recorded at an event that asked visitors to share their family’s immigration stories. 

You can listen on: Soundcloud

Sample Episode: Sean Kernan.

In this episode, Sean describes how his mother, an immigrant from Dublin, Ireland, helped a cousin in need upon her arrival in the 1960s. Her cousin, the wife of the Irish Consulate General, was asked by the New York Herald Tribune to provide an “authentic” recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. Sean’s mother took the recipe for Beef Borgnon from her copy of the Joy of Cooking and repurposed it as “Beef Brian Boru.” The recipe was published in the New York Herald Tribune on March 14, 1965 under the heading “Glory be to Goodness, It’s Beef Brian Boru.”

  Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum (2019)

I worked with the museum to record stories of the experiences of workers in Connecticut’s tobacco industry. I produced edited audio to push out as a podcast and to be included in a permanent exhibit at the museum.  

You can listen to the podcast on:      Apple PodcastsSoundcloud 

Sample Episode: Connie Biordi Robinson.

In this episode, she describes how she travelled from her home in western Pennsylvania to work in Connecticut’s tobacco fields as a teenager recruited by the Hathaway Steam Corporation to sew tobacco leaves.




 Community Engagement

I am passionate about creating empathy through storytelling, which inspired my current audio community storytelling project, Audio Shelfie.

Audio Shelfie is a digital storytelling project that gives readers a space to tell stories about the roles books play in their lives. We pose questions about reading and collect stories from participants in communities we visit, as well as on our site. Each story is paired with a photo of the storyteller to create an “audio shelfie.” Together, these audio shelfies form libraries of readers’ experiences with books. We work with our partners to create listening guides that can themselves help inspire further community conversations on a wide range of issues.